CID Peformance Tooling is proud to provide customers with our very own in-house coating services. Whether its new or refurbished tooling, CID has industry leading coating technology to provide exceptional benefits to significantly reduce costs and enhance performance. CID proudly stocks the majority of its inventory items with our all-purpose Plus Coat, but has the capability to reapply coatings for specific applications in a timely and reliable manner. Please contact CID Performance Tooling to speak with a representitive for assistance on determing the correct coating for your machining needs.



A specifically designed coating designed to acheive maximum results in the machining of aluminum and non-ferrous metal alloys. D-coat provides a very low coefficient of friction, high hardness, good wear resistance, and enhanced toughness to assure strong performance, including the machining of highly abrasive aluminum alloys with high silicon content.


A high performance coating for machining of difficult to machine alloy steels and metal forming (stainless steel). TiCN provides high hardness, excellent wear resistance and enhanced toughness. High performance cutting occurs where moderate temperatures are generated at the cutting edge. Covers ESA requirements for aircraft ferrous alloys.

Rose Coat

The number one choice for carbon steels. Rose Coat has high hardness, low friction, and high oxidation allowing for lubricated, semi- dry or dry machining.

Plus Coat

CID's world class, all-purpose AlTiN coating that provides high hardness, very good oxidation resistance and machining of hardened steel work pieces. Plus Coat excels in its use on carbide end mills through high speed operations, semi-dry or dry machining.

S-Coat/Silver Coat

S-Coat & Silver Coat are two of CID's uniquely designed products that are achieving exceptional results in the machining of today's toughest high temperature and exotic materials. These products achieve extreme wear resistance at high temperature, excellent oxidation resistance, and are the best choice for cutting under extreme conditions (hard, abrasive materials at high speeds).